Frequently Asked Questions

What's the major factor to consider when buying toilets?

Base on the construction trap ways of the flat, find a matching type of toilet will do. There are three major types of traps for toilets, High-P trap, Low-P trap and bottom outlet S-trap.
坐廁有高咀, 低咀 及 地去水 之分 , 只需選擇能配合樓宇渠位的類型就能夠合用 .

What is universal trap toilet?

The trap ways of universal trap toilets are similar to High-P trap but there are extra space at the trap areas to allow different connection to various trap ways.
自由咀坐廁其實近似高咀類型, 不過喉咀設計是留有適度空間供接駁不同方向套咀 .

How to choose basins?

Basin designs are either wall-hung or with counter. Wall-hung basins are usually for small bathrooms to maximize space, whereas with counter ones have more variety and style to choose from depending on usage and design.
洗面盆分掛牆式或供造櫃用兩類, 掛牆式有較細款式較適合細小空間, 而供造櫃用的類型款式較多, 更能襯托不同櫃款設計.

What about bathtubs, what is it that we should look out for?

The dimensions of bathtubs are measures from end to end, generally available lengths are from 1 to 1.9M. If you are uncertain of the measurements, please refer to your contractor.
浴缸尺寸是以包邊計算, 一般尺寸由1米 至 1.9米都有. 客戶若不確定尺寸, 可向裝修師傅查詢.

What are bathtubs made of?

There are two major types of bathtub materials. Cast iron is the traditional make, has been used since the beginning. Acrylic is the another, which allows more modern styling and can better preserve hot water temperature during baths.
浴缸質料分生鐵和纖維兩大類, 生鐵是傳統質料, 已源用多時, 而纖維能有效保持水溫及式樣較多. 只要正確使用及安裝得宜, 兩者的耐用程度均是一樣.

How are American Standard products different from other brands?

We have two special features, the EverClean surface and Family Health technology incorporated into our sanitary ware. The EverClean surface, which is a double-coated surface that inhibits growth of stains and odour-causing bacteria and mould on all sanitary ware surfaces. This super smooth, mirror-like surfaces stay cleaner longer, even after years of use.
Family Health technology puts Microban ati-bacterial additives into the glaze on all sanitary wares, helping kill E.Coli and Staph bacteria.This anti-bacterial effectiveness cannot be worn off, torn off or washed off, which protects and rids the unpleasant smell caused by bacteria in the bathroom.
美標潔具的瓷器均是水晶瓷, 不會積聚臭氣, 大部份瓷器和廁板有防菌物料, 不易滋生細菌.

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